“…a film in celebration of life, beauty, and those who have fought to protect the Klamath wildlands – a living window where the children of the future can gaze into the invisible eons of the past.”

Film Runtime55 min
NarratorAaron Moffatt
Initial ReleaseApril 2016


We live in a very special time in the history of Earth. The element of life and the technologies of humankind are both diverging and converging in this age, and we are on the brink of stepping into new depths of science and understanding of the cosmos.

Still at its beginnings, biological life as we know it only populates our planet among the vast expanses of matter and energy of space. Presumably, life is evolving to one day step beyond earth, and we are a stage in that evolution.

The Klamath-Siskiyou

Ancient forests of the Klamath Mountains survive as a vivid living window into life’s long history on earth. They are one of a few remaining in the world home to great troves of the ideas life has conjured over 3.8 billion years of evolution.

Of those few places, it is an extraordinarily unique and special one. Tumultuous geological history and orientation in the Northern Hemisphere have created shelter to thousands of species of plants, animals, and fungi, all supported by countless microbial biosystems. Read More about the Klamath-Siskiyou…


Interlocking the unique genetic fingerprints found here are countless trillions of relationships. Upsetting these interconnections may or may not have immediately apparent effect, but the most important truth science has uncovered is that we cannot grasp within our own brains or computers the complexities of these interwoven systems.

“Galapagos of North America”

These unique conditions have lead scientists to draw analog between the Galapagos Islands of South America and the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains, both of which are a birth place for new species to evolve and a home for many endemics found nowhere else on earth.

Botanists, including some of the earliest pioneers in the field, have come to this region since the late 1800’s to explore and catalog plants, some of which now bear their names.

A Film about Tomorrow

To our greatest questions and challenges today, answers will be found in the depths of these ecosystems tomorrow. Marvelous solutions to nature’s grandest riddles are hidden within the 3.8 billion year tree of life, but to find them, we rely on these windows into the eons.

This is a nature film to express hope in the days beyond tomorrow — an intimate look into the beauty which life creates in adversity —

These wild places are in danger of being lost. To help protect them, please help us share the message –

About the Filmmaker

Producer, writer, and cinematographer Aaron Moffatt has seen success in professions spanning violin performance to software engineering, and to him, film is a medium through which to share beauty, knowledge and ideas. He grew up hiking the Klamath wildlands, and in this time witnessed first hand the catastrophic effects of industrial logging, mining, and cattle grazing on its ecosystems.

Aaron created this film to support the region’s designation as a National Park, to see it preserved into the foreseeable centuries. He strives toward a vision of the future where the technologies of humanity and nature grow together, sharing each other’s unique strengths and capabilities.

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